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Dec 29, 2010

End of Year Stuff

Hey Trollies.  Tuhd back again with a brand new rant.

Holidays make people stupid.  And not just because of snows and ice on roads.  People stupid withouts those.  Tuhd meaning because of all stress people pile on themselves and everyone around thems.

Lets start with obvious.  Need Tuhd say any more than "Annual Gift Day"?  How many people goes overboards spendings hard earned monies on gifts and crappy sweaters for family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc?  Tuhd could think of many better uses for said monies.

Like bacon.  A truckload of bacon.  And some beers.  Did you know you can get bacon beer?  Mmmm...

And what abouts the stress of shoppings for all them peoples?  Stuuuuupid.  Tuhd only shop for handful of people.  And Tuhd no wait till last minute eithers.  Tuhd knows these people very well and picks up things throughout year.  Even if it mean ordering stuff made in Japan. 

And what about all dis Black Friday bullshits?  Yeah, dat a great idea.  Start standing in line day before sale  while groggy on turkeys and booze to buy TVs that probably go on sale again in times for Super Bowl Parties.  Tuhd bought shoes for Black Friday.  And some bedding.  Tuhd not stupid.  Buy necessities on Black Friday while people fighting over TVs and save lots of cash.  Cash for bacons.  Tuhd even got up late and still got deals.

Then there is all family stress.  If you have issues with family why does you hangs out with them?  Some sort of 'obligation'?  Dat are dumb.  If your family are dat stressful you should just not bother.  Grows up and set your boundaries.  If you let them run your life and stress you out, then you gotta lets them go.  Same with friends.  You gots your own life to live.  Do whats YOU wants to do, and take care of your life (and any real obligations you gots, like kids and stuff).

Make Holiday stress go bye bye.  Take a day off.  Or two.  And stay out of Tuhd's face.  Tuhd no like stupids.  And they everywheres.