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Sep 6, 2010

Troll Tools: Ignore and Delete

Simplest, mostest underused tools in troll arsenal.

This gonna be brief. Learn these buttons for everythings. Emails, comments, replys, friend requests, everythings.

but why Tuhd?


like washing my hands?

No no, not sanitary.  Tuhd mean like keeping you out of crazy house.

Fastest way to lose touch with your objectives is to start respondings to tards.  Youtube comments, emails that start with "Hey Fuckwad!", lame video responses, everyone in MMOs, internet posts, friend request spam, everything is distraction.

but, i like responding to idiots.  It makes me feel better.

And all it do is become one long endless cycle of stupidity.  If you really better than thems, you just walk away.  Ever try to argue with 7 year old?  Logic no work.  It just round after round of "NO YOU STUPIDERS!"

That are why monkeys is smarter than internet tards.  Monkeys fling poo.  Real poo.  One good shot and arguement over.

If it rampage at you, just move out of way.  Its a tard.  If you trip them as they run past, they'll hang around.  And nobody wants to hang arounds with tardses.

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