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Jul 14, 2010

Online Gaming

Today Tuhd want to talk briefly abouts games.  Like the really massive ones that Tuhd play online and how they compare to the massive ones Tuhd play not online.

Why it never be the same as offline gamings:
  • Cheaters/hackers/exploiters
  • Laaaaaaaaag
  • Server Maintenance
  • Patches
  • Fires
  • Gotta keep payings to play, to practice, or to decorate a house that gives me no bonuses to killing things
  • It take 10-16 lines of ascii code to properly give someone da finger.
  • People who take the difficult, strategic content with no seriousness or effort
  • Converslies, People who take it too seriously

Why it's better than offline games:
  • People to hangs out with and talk about good musics.
  • More regular content, updates and awesome.
  • Makings actual friendships, since that stupid polygonal paladin on your PS3 will never help you move.
  • two fat, balding, middle aged men having lesbian cyborz after killing a dragon, because we're looking at the hot elfie ladies, not the players.
  • Drunken raids.
  • Da feeling of achivement when you manage to get a assload of people to all follow along and do something honestly difficult.
  • Ratty-ass grungy doll illusions.  And their sit/stand animation.
  • I can drink and drive a horse.  Or something that is basically a gigantic 4-legged barbecue.
  • Telling da female elf characters that their voice is manly.
  • Wheres else can Tuhd tell peoples the stragety is to "STAND UNDER MAH BALLS!"
Dats why Tuhd likes both.  Differents games for differents moods.  Online will never have as immersive an experience, at least until voice changing software happens.  Though, pretty sure it still won't happen.  Gangsta high-elfies.  WTF.

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