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Jul 31, 2010

How (not) to Be a Troll:

Tuhd really hesitants about posting this one.  Tuhd hate most peoples who comment on youtube.  Most are egotistical tards with nothing better to do.  Please don't do anything Tuhd about to explain.  It already suck enough there.

Really.  That not just disclaimer.  Don't you be being this.  No, it not worth it.

The Youtube Troll

Uhg, wheres to begin?  Tuhd hate these tards more than anything.  Tuhd cannot even call thems trolls.  They are little toads perched on pile of monkey poop, waiting for the flies.  Nobody wants to be around them.  And mostly, they is high-school and college age idiots who thinks they growed up enough to tell everone their opinion as facts.

seriously... to all the youtards out there, answer Tuhd this:

Why is everyones who not like music you like have to be a faggot or living in parents basement, or some other absurd stereotype?  Also, why must good music be bombarded with crap like "OMG THIS IS NOTHING COMPARED TO HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD!"?  Why must you comment to people who aren't talking to you?  Why must you troll music you dont like?  WHY WHY WHY WTF!?!

It like walking into McDonalds and loudly yelling about how Burger King are better because you like it.  It like walking into a Dodge dealership and talking crap to salespeople and saying your Honda can run rings around their Viper.

Nobody cares if you like certain songs more, or less, or whatever.  Your opinion are bullshits to everyone but you and any friends who look up to you because they are little weenies and have no sense of self.  Not nobody never gave craps about your opinions on internet unless you has valid experience.  being 14 and listening to the local pop radio station is not experience.  Being in college and listening to some self-righteous douche college DJ play music that theys feel are profound because it not on pop stations not make you cultured or more experienced.  It just music, and music are expression of self.  That it.  Get over its.

That why Tuhd not tell you about his favorite musics here (that what facebooks is for).  It not importants to anyone but Tuhd.  Now gets out of my comments.

How to defend against them

Never. Comment. Not. Ever.

Also, youtube politics commentary are good for laugh.

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