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Jun 4, 2010

Social Gaming and WTFSRSLY

So, probably two of you knows that Tuhd likes to play some of them games on Facebooks.  Social Citys and Backyard Monsters are the two that Tuhd plays on regular basises.  And, because Tuhd is just that cool, Tuhd has LOTS of neighbors in SC.  Like, 171 as of this writing.  Yes, 171 neighbors in a game that only rewards you for having up to about 20 neighbors.  Tuhd feels sorry for people who has no neighbors, so offers to everyone.  Guess that makes Tuhd a social gaming slut.  You know you likes it.

But there is small problems with having that many neighbors.  Somes of you no gets it that Tuhd only plays two games.  Every day, Tuhd gets anywhere from 20-60 requests for Farmville alone.  And thens, there is MyCity, Fishville, Cafeworld, Mall World, Mafia Wars, Barn Buddy (that sounds so gay), Zoo Paradise, Treasure Isle, Hotel City, Big City Life, and that's just the ones I can remembers.  Seriously.  And somes of you send me a request or two for every single games you play.  One of you has sents me 11 requests in the last 24hours that have nothing to do with social city.

When Tuhd says "You can add me as neighbor in social city" that means Social City, not MyCity, fishville, Cafeworld, Mall World, Mafia Wars, Barn Buddy, Zoo Paradise, Treasure Isle, Hotel City, Big City Life and all the ones I can't remember.

Seriously peoples, Tuhd does not have time to even properly play the two games he already has and keep job.  Tuhd is not a stay-at-home dad (or mom), so please, if Tuhd doesnt accept a neighbor request or a gift the first 12 times, why does you thinks Tuhd gonna today?  Lets it go.

At least you isn't telemarketers.  Then Tuhd would hunt you down.

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